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3 April 2014 EMAJOE PSKOV WMP: Opening of new water treatment plant
Opening of newly constructed water treatment plant will take place in Tiheda village, Kasepää Municipality, Estonia. The water treatment plant was constructed within the Project “Water Management Project of Peipsi, Pihkva, Lämmijärve, Saadjärve and Veskijärve Lakes“ (EMAJOE PSKOV WMP). Read more
3 April 2014 VIA HANSEATICA: Guides training Module I in Valmiera, Latvia
The Project "Advancing remote areas by development of cross-border VH tourism route on basis of local resources" (Via Hanseatica) will organize special training for the guides from Latvia who work on the Via Hanseatica tourism route Read more
2 April 2014 FOSTER SME: Participation in the Building Fair "ESTBUILD" in Tallinn, Estonia
The Project "Fostering socio-economic development and encouraging business in border areas (FOSTER SME) will take part in the International Building Fair ESTBUILD 2014 Read more
31 March 2014 E-ARCHIVE: The conference "Global experience in digital archives development" in St. Petersburg, Russia
The Project "Cross Border E-Archive" (E-Archive) will organize the conference "Global experience in digital archives development" for project partners and archive experts from Russia. Read more
27 March 2014 T&L: Exhibition "Education and Carrier 2014"
Project partners - Malnava College (Latvia) and Pskov Agricultural School (Russia) take part in the regional exhibition "Education and Carrier 2014" in Latgale Region of Latvia. Read more
26 March 2014 HERITAGE BUSINESS: Study tour for school children from Pechory and Ape to Setomaa, Estonia.
Participants of school firms from three countries, organised within Heritage Business Project, will meet and share experience, present their achievements to each other and get aquainted with local crafts, traditions and culture of Setomaa Read more
25 March 2014 BE GOOD AT SPORT: Competition in floorball among teams from Valka (Latvia), Valga (Estonia) and Novoedevjatkino (Russia)
International cross border competition among young floorball players from Estonia, Latvia and Russia within trilateral project "Be good at sport through three countries" Read more
19 March 2014 Seminar for Beneficiaries and Partners on Closure of the Project and Final Reporting, Pskov, Russia on 19-20 March, 2014
Seminar is aimed at stressing the issues related to finalisation of Project implementation and final reporting, since gradually during the year 2014 all Projects are going to be closed. Read more
18 March 2014 VIA HANSEATICA: Modern solutions of Via Hanseatica will present in Finland
Participants from Finland, Russia, Estonia and Latvia will discuss economical aspects  and tools for development of cultural tourism. Read more
6 March 2014 LOGONTRAIN: Participation in "Logistics Seminar 2014" in Narva, Estonia
The Project "Logistics and Overland Transport Network for training "Blue Collars" (LogOnTrain) will take part in the 14th "Logistics Seminar", organized by Tallinn University of Applied Sciences in Narva, Estonia. Read more