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31 October 2013 FOSTER SME: Exhibition "Build House" and seminar
Expo-centre "Business without borders", opened within the Project "FOSTER SME" will host exhibition "Build House", which will be devoted to building, interiour and surrounding design. In the framerwork of the exhibition there will take place a seminar fior entrepreneurs on starting-up business in Pskov Region. Read more
25 October 2013 FOSTER SME: Seminar and Exhibition on local food in Voru, Estonia
Participants of the seminar and the exhibition will be introduced with successful examples of local food production during the seminar, visit educational centre and small enterprizes in the region and take part in the local food exhibition.The event will be organised by the Project "Foster SME". Read more
25 October 2013 HERITAGE BUSINESS: Study tour for entrepreneurs from Ape Municipality (Latvia) to Pskov Region (Russia)
Project "HERITAGE BUSINESS" will organize Study Tour on the use of cultural heritage in business for the entrepreneurs from Ape Municipality Read more
22 October 2013 Seminar for the Beneficiaries and Partners of all Projects on Procurement in St. Petersburg, Russia on 22 October, 2013
Project partners of the Programme from Estonia, Latvia and Russia interested in the updated information on current situation with the procurement system and perspectives of the purchases for the state and municipal needs in Russian Federation are invited to take part in the Seminar on Procurements System on 22 October in St. Petersburg Read more
14 October 2013 HERITAGE BUSINESS: Training for teachers in Pechory (Russia)
Project "HERITAGE BUSINESS" will organize training for teachers devoted improve their knowlege on teaching entrepreneurship Read more
12 October 2013 ECDay: Opening of Rapina harbour
The opening ceremony of Räpina harbour pavilion, constructed within the Project "Common Peipsi", will take place in Estonia.
Read more
10 October 2013 ECDay: Lecture within the frame of International Scientific Conference
Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Project "Tour" will organize a lecture on cross-border cooperation during the 8th International Scientific Conference in the University of Daugavpils,  Latvia Read more
9 October 2013 ECDay: Exhibition and seminar "Digitalized documentary heritage about Riga Technical University from National Archive of Latvia"
Exhibition and seminar "Digitalized documentary heritage about Riga Technical University from National Archive of Latvia" planned by the Project "E-Archive" are among the ECDay activities in Riga, Latvia Read more
8 October 2013 HERITAGE BUSINESS: Study tour for teachers from Pechory (Russia) and Ape (Latvia) to Varska and Meremae (Estonia)
Within the activities of the Project "HERITAGE BUSINESS" a Study tour to Varska and Meremae for the teachers from Pechory and Ape Municipality will be held. Read more
3 October 2013 FOSTER SME: Participation in the International Forum
Project "FOSTER SME" will bring entrepreneurs from Pskov Region, Voru County and Vidzeme Region to take part in XVII International Forum "Russian Industrialist" in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 2 - 4 October, 2013 Read more