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3 October 2013 T & L: Round table discussion on "Transport" study program
Round table discussion will be held within the Project "T & L" in Malnava College, Latvia and in Pskov Agricultural College, Russia on 3-4 October 2013 Read more
27 September 2013 AAC Project: The Mummies’ Secrets disclosed at the Reserchers' Nights 2013 in Tartu, Estonia
At the Reserchers Nights 2013 Archaeologists from the University of Tartu will unravel the secrets of the mummies hidden in University Art Museum! In addition visitors will be able to try to determine themselves the age of the mummies and watch the film about the analysis of the mummies’ bones. Read more
27 September 2013 ECDay: INFROM Project takes part in Reserchers' Nights 2013 in Riga, Latvia
"INFROM" Project will take part in Researchers’ Nights 2013 on 27 September, informing about the Project results and promoting European Cooperation Day during this event. Read more
27 September 2013 PRESERVE NOT TO LOSE: “Rye’s songs. Harvesting festivity”
Within the Project "Preserve not to lose" there will be organized international mass event called “Rye’s songs. Harvesting festivity” with international competitions on trademark for projects’ region craftsmen products and souvenirs of the regions on 27-28.09.2013. Read more
26 September 2013 ECDay: Lecture "Cross-border cooperation: Narva-Ivangorod"
Students of Narva College of Tartu University will be lectured on cross-border cooperation within the framework of European Cooperation Day activities in Narva, Estonia Read more
23 September 2013 ECDay: Children's drawing exhibition "Narva and Ivangorod: united by bordres"
The opening of the exhibition of children drawings prepared for the campaign of European Cooperation Day 2012 will happen in St. Petersburg, Russia  Read more
21 September 2013 ECDay: Opening of the new football ground

Opening of the new football ground marking cross-border cooperation and European Cooperation Day 2013 will take place in Pechory, Russia

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20 September 2013 ECDay: Info-day at Valmiera 5th secondary school
Info-day within European Cooperation Day 2013 initiative will take place on 20 September in Valmiera, Latvia Read more
19 September 2013 European Cooperation Day 2013: Conference in Petrozavodsk on 19-21 September 2013

Joint Exhibition within IX Annual International Conference "Cross-Border Cooperation: the Russian Federation, the European Union and Norway" will take place in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

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17 September 2013 European Cooperation Day 2013: Lecture in St. Petersburg on 17 September 2013
A lecture on the Joint European Campaign devoted to the European Cooperation Day will be delivered to the students of the State Politechnical University within events organized by Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme. Read more