AAC: Participation in the Annual science festival Researchers Night, 2014
Event type
Project Event

Date of the event
26 September, 2014

Place of the event
Tartu City museum, Narva mnt. 23, Tartu, Estonia

Title of the event
Archaeologists Science Night

Short description of the event
The Annual science festival Researchers Night will take place in Tartu. Archaeologists of the University of Tartu from the Project "ARCHAEOLOGY, AUTHORITY & COMMUNITY: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage" (AAC) will try to answer questions like: How filthy were the medieval cities? What kind of treasures, secrets and pieces of information you can find in medieval Tartu waste boxes? And what do we know about ancient infectious diseases? 

Contact person of the event
Viire Kobrusepp, Arvi Haak; e-mail: viire.kobrusepp@ut.ee, arvi.haak@katarina.ee..