LSP-3 COMMON PEIPCI: Opening of Kallaste slip and Mustvee boat harbor in Estonia
Event type
Project Event

Date of the event
18 December, 2014

Place of the event
Kallaste municipality and Mustvee municipality, Estonia

Title of the event
Opening of Kallaste slip and Mustvee boat harbour

Short description of the event
The Project “Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi Area” (COMMON PEIPSI) will organize a joint opening event in two Estonian municipalities. In Kallaste harbour the facilities for ship reparation and maintenance and in Mustvee the facilities for mooring of watercrafts and new port building on the bank of Peipsi Lake are constructed and ready to be announced opened.

Contact person of the event
Helena Musthallik,

Contact phone
+372 612 5123