RCBI (Regional Capacity Building Iniciative) seminar "Project preparation workshop" in Pskov, Russia, 9 February 2012

Event type
Seminar - workshop

Date of the event
9 February, 2012

Agenda in English and Russian 

Hotel Heliopark Old Estate, 4 Verhne-Beregovaya Street , Pskov 

Title of the event
"Project preparation workshop"

Short description of the event
Project preparation workshop is ment to provide training in project preparation for potential 2nd Call applicants and partners.

RUS: Отель Гелиопарк Олд Эстейт, ул. Верхне-Береговая, д.4, Псков

Contact person of the event
Vladimir Skorokhodov, Ekaterina Moskaleva

Contact phone
 + 7 812 325 51 84; + 7 81 12 79 40 54

Additional information about the event