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  • Will new questions be answered by the JTS directly to the sender?

    Project implementation
    2013-08-15 10:16:24

    Yes, an answer will be prepared by JTS and then send to addressee directly and placed in the FAQ section for other users.

  • How to use the Programme logo on project documents?

    Communication and Visibiity
    2013-03-06 10:12:25

    Communication and visibility Guidelines state that use of the Programme logo is compulsory on all the communication materials and tools (both hard copy and electronic), project documents and all outputs produced by the Project/LSP.

    Project documents are management meeting minutes or protocols, lists of participants, job agreements, announcements of the procurements etc., respectively documents that are easy produced by the project staff or by project related staff for the project implementation purpose, but not produced by e.g. accountancy system or other permanent systems (e.g. state registers, etc.).

    The aim to use the Programme logo on above explained project documents is to satisfy the audit after the end of the Project/LSP, so that these documents are easy recognisable and serves as evidence that they belong to the Project/LSP/Programme.

    Programme recommends (but it is not compulsory) to order stamps (which will be eligible administrative costs) with Programme logo and Project name and stamp project documents (e.g. applications, orders, bills from other institutions, copies of payments) using them. And it will be perceived positively by the auditor.

    In explanation are included types of documents that are most commonly used in Projects/LSPs and are considered as Project documents. This explanation is more to show the principle, that the Programme logo should be included where it is possible.

  • Is VAT eligibile for Russian beneficiaries and partners?

    2012-11-29 15:39:01

    Pursuant to provisions set forth in the letter Nr. DEVCO/F/MC/pn(2012)1380769 of 22 November 2012 to the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the Value Added Tax (VAT) is deemed eligible for Russian Beneficiaries and Partners of the ENPI CBC Programmes on condition that it cannot be recovered, and the project Beneficiary/Partner provides legal evidences of that.

  • Date of registration - should there be a date when the changes of juridical person have taken place or the date of establishment of the organisation as such? In the Legal Entity Sheet field - "Type of any company" - should there be Legal status as 'suggested' in Guidelines or more specific characterisation is required?

    2012-09-04 11:57:47

    Section 2.2.5 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants and the letter to the shortlisted applicants, provided by the JMA in July 2012, stipulate that the project partner organisation submits its Registration Certificate indicating when it was actually established. If since that time the organisation got through several changes, e.g. name, it is recommended to supplement the registration certificates with relevant evidences demonstrating the link between the initially established organisation and its current position.
    IMPORTANT: in case the changes refer to the legal status of organisation, the organisation applies the Programme rules relevant to its current legal status.
    The Legal status of organisation should also be confirmed by the “Legal Entity Sheet”, where the organisation indicates its legal status in accordance with the registration certificate/other foundation documents.

  • If there is a state project (the RF) already supporting the office, is it possible to plan Administrative Costs for the project under ESTLATRUS?

    2012-08-30 09:25:19

    The Administrative costs only cover expenditures directly related to implementation of the project, and therefore they are not supposed to overlap with the state operational grant.
    It is important to ensure that no double financing – when the same project activities are financed by EU funds, though it may come through project partner/applicant contribution, - is incurred during implementation of the project.

  • How to calculate Administrative Costs? How to calculate consumables within administrative costs? Is it possible to include the telephone for project management staff?

    Budget and finances
    2012-08-30 09:24:46

    The total amount of Administrative Costs should not exceed 7% of total eligible costs of the project and can be allocated to one or several or all partners upon need (see Section of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants). The calculation method should be made on pro-rata basis, e.g. share of project staff engaged with the project implementation; premises allocated to project management unit. Administrative costs may include consumables and cover telephone communication of the project management staff – these may be directly invoiced to the project.

  • How many audits should be carried out during the project lifetime?

    Budget and finances
    2012-08-30 09:24:15

    The number of audits depends (a) on payment options applied to the project as described in Section 3.2.1 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, and (b) on the number of payments requested by the project, provided that each request for payment should be supported by the report and expenditure verification (except for Option 1).

  • Who defines the auditor for each project partner?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-30 09:23:43

    Each project partner/applicant identifies the Audit Company/Auditor on its own respecting requirements set in the Section of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants.

  • Should the Pre-Feasibility Study include the specification of equipment/goods to be purchased?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-30 09:23:23

    Technical parameters for equipment/materials/etc. should be specified in Pre-Feasibility study. However, naming brands and/or models of equipment/materials/etc. is unacceptable.

  • How to report for using personal transport?

    Budget and finances
    2012-08-30 08:47:57

    Reporting for using personal transport is regulated by the national legislation and internal orders of organisation. It is advisable to use the same approach for the project needs. However, project partners/applicants have to ensure that this approach is cost-effective and reasonable as all expenditures incurred during the project implementation will be verified by the Audit.

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