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  • Why project must use the six month currency exchange rate?

    Large Scale Projects
    2012-01-27 10:17:32

    Based on LSP guidelines point 4.2.4 it is requirement of the Programme. Reports are prepared by periods, avarage rate (Info Euro) for the period should be taken, 4 digits after comma. For the next period new avarage should be calculated. At the end no recalculations will be made. Auditors are checking for the period. Reporting periods – each 6 months interim and financial, every time when the payment request is submitted.

  • How to interpret the space limits set for the project description part of the Concept Note?

    Filling in and submission of the Concept Note
    2012-01-26 13:09:45

    The concept note to be submitted under the 2nd Call for Proposals consists of the Cover Page, Contact details of the applicant, Description of the Project, Indicative Project Budget, Confirmation by the Applicant, Declaration by the Applicant and the Checklist.

    Please note that the chapter Description of the Project (Sections 1-11) should not exceed 5 full pages (A4 size) of Verdana 9 characters.

  • Which is the last date for the implementation of the project activities in this programme?

    Project implementation
    2010-11-18 14:00:26

    All project activities must be completed by 31st December 2014.

  • How long should the partner have ownership of the project results?

    Project implementation
    2010-11-18 13:56:26

    Prior consent of the JMA is required for the transfer of ownership, industrial and intellectual property rights for outputs and results of the project during the implementation period of the project and for five years after completion of the project.

  • Should the Expenditure Verification Report be submitted once per project or more often?

    Project implementation
    2010-11-18 13:55:40

    According to the provisions of the Section of Guidelines for Grant Applicants, the Expenditure Verification Report, produced by an auditor shall be attached to any request for a further pre-financing installments for the projects of duration over 18 months or awarded grant over 300,000 EUR, as well as to the request for balance payment and shall be submitted to the JTS. For projects of duration less than 18 months or awarded grant less than 300,000 EUR the Expenditure Verification Report is to be submitted with the request for balance payment.

  • Can the procurement be initiated before signing the Grant Contract?

    Project implementation
    2010-11-18 13:55:08

    According to Grant Contract Art.7 - Procedures to award subcontracts for goods/services/works may be initiated but contracts may not be concluded by the Beneficiary or its partners before the start of the implementation period of the Project.

  • How is the starting date of the project defined?

    Project implementation
    2010-11-18 13:54:34

    Project starting date is defined by the Beneficiary and the JMA and stipulated in the Grant Contract (GC). It can be either the day following that on which the last of the two parties signs the GC, or a later date agreed in the GC but no later than 6 months after signing the GC.

  • How to choose auditor for a Project?

    Project implementation
    2010-11-18 13:54:06

    The requirements for the auditors carrying out the verification are listed in the Annex 8.6 to the Guidelines for Grant Applicants stating that the selected auditor has to be member of the national accounting or auditing body, which, in its turn, is member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC); or be a member of the national accounting or auditing body and commit itself to undertake the assignment in accordance with the IFAC standards.

  • Are bank commissions for transactions eligible costs?

    Budget and finances
    2010-11-18 13:53:23

    Financial service costs, in particular the bank charges for the project account, the costs of transfers and financial guarantees, are eligible.

  • Can partners make profit out of the grant?

    Budget and finances
    2010-11-18 13:46:13

    The projects must be of a non-commercial character. Neither applicants nor project partners can make profit out of a grant. Article 17.1 of the General Conditions of the Grant Contract stipulates that The Beneficiary accepts that the grant can under no circumstances result in a profit for itself and that it must be limited to the amount required to balance income and expenditure for the Action. Profit shall be defined as a surplus of actual receipts over the actual costs of the Action in question when the request is made for payment of the balance.

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