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  • How to show in-kind, if it`s not eligible to consider the employees` work as an in-kind?

    Budget and finances
    2012-08-29 09:54:18

    In-kind costs can only be planned as work of volunteers and use of premises of the project partners/applicants for the purposes of project implementation, except for project management office. Work of volunteers should be planned under Budget Heading 1 (Worksheet XIV of FAF). For more details on in-kind costs, please, refer to Section of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants.

  • Does the 10% restriction include expenditure in adjoining territories?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-29 09:53:52

    Pursuant to Section of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants 10% of the total eligible costs of the project can be allocated to activities outside the Programme area. Therefore, this rule is not applied to Programme adjoining area.

  • Will there be the template for the statement of salaries in organisations?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-29 09:53:23

    There is no pre-set template for the Salary Statement. The project partners/applicants are free to opt for any format as far as it includes the following information: (1) average salary applied to position similar to that of Project Manager, Financial Manager, Assistant, Specialist, and everyone engaged within the project implementation; (2) social security taxes applied to salary by national legislation.

  • What to do if the Associates are more than 5. In the FAF it is possible to describe only 5 Associates.

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-29 09:52:48

    The extended FAF, which includes a larger amount of Associates, is available upon individual request by the Applicant. The request should be submitted on to, and the requested document would be sent as soon as it is possible.

  • Is it eligible if the legal address of the applicant is in the adjoining territory of the Programme?

    2012-08-29 09:51:42

    In order to verify the eligibility of partners, please, refer to Sections 1.4 and 2.1.1 of Guidelines for Grant Applicants. However, participation of the project partners from the adjoining areas should bring a clear benefit to the border regions of the Programme.

  • What to do if the full title used in the CN do not fit in the field for title in the FAF?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-29 09:51:08

    It is possible to use abbreviations and/or to reduce the full title to fit the FAF limits. Yet, it should be explained in Worksheet I Description that the initial title was reduced. IMPORTANT! The reduced title must be unambiguous and stick to its initial version as much as possible.

  • Is there a financial distribution between priorities?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-29 09:50:21

    Selection of the project proposals is based on criteria set in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, p. 32. For more information on Programme Priorities, Measures and Indicators, please, see Programme Document of the ESTLATRUS CBC Programme within ENPI 2007-2013 available on the Programme website.

  • If the co-financing for Latvian partner consist from 5% state budget contribution, 2% contribution in cash and 3% of contribution in kind, what should be written in the Partnership statement paragraph 15 " provide minimum EUR<...> as total partner co-financing to the budget of the project"
    Do we have to write in any case 10% co-financing, or just contribution in cash 2%?
    Also, if partner's contribution in kind is 10%, what they have to write in Partnership statement paragraph 15, to provide 0.00 EUR or 10% from their budget?
    Thanks in advance!

    2012-08-19 10:20:22

    Dear Sanita,

    Total partner co-financing to the budget of the project provided in the point 15 of the Partership Statement should cover all applicable sources of partner´s co-financing, incl. contribution in cash, contribution in-kind and state budget contribution.

  • Should the duration of the project be decreased in the Full Application Form if it was initially planned to be 24 months. /submission of FAF under the 2nd Call for Proposals/

    2012-08-13 16:35:56

    The maximum duration of the project may not exceed 24 months, but the project has to en on 31 December 2014 the latest. Considering previous experience in the clarification and negotiation process before the contracting, some changes in the project duration might be required. To be on the safe side it is recommended top consider the duration of the project.

  • Should each proposed partner submit legal entity sheet? /submission of FAF under the 2nd Call for Proposals/

    2012-08-13 16:34:50

    Each partner has to submit the documents indicated in the letter of the Joint Managing Authority sent to the Applicants.

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