Seminars for Auditors, Financial Experts and Accountants_25, 26, 27 November
1. Legal framework of the ENPI-CBC projects_LAT_EST_RUS
2. Outline of the Grant Contract and all its annexes_LAT_EST_RUS
3. Changes in the Project_LAT_EST_RUS
4. Eligibility of costs_LAT_EST_RUS
5. National accountancy supporting documents_LAT_EST_RUS
6. Visibility requirements_LAT_EST_RUS
7. Expenditure verification and controls_LAT_EST_RUS
7A. Checklist for the Expenditure Verification Report
8. General provisions on Reporting_LAT_EST_RUS
9. Article 16 of the Grant Contract on accounting_LAT_EST_RUS
10. Financial reporting - use of exchange rates, Interest and direct revenue_LAT_EST_RUS