Active, Heritage and Nature Tours through Sigulda and Līgatne

Three cross border cooperation projects of the Programme are implemented in Sigulda and its surroundings. Around 220 participants of the Annual Event of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme on 10 June 2013 were witnessing the progress of implementation of the „SVS Activetour”, „Via Hanseatica” and „People with Nature”.

1. Project “Establishment of Environment in Võru (EE), Sigulda (LV), St.Petersburg (RU) for development of tourism”

Ms Inga Zālīte and Ms Zanda Abzalone from the Sigulda County organized and guided participants through the future skiing track „Laurenči” were also the climbing tower „Eži” is installed in its demo version. Two attraction parks – “Mežakaķis” and Tarzāns were included into this tour.

2. Project “Advancing remote areas by development of cross-border VH tourism route on basis of local resources”

Huge interest from the side of participants was in the heritage tour to Sigulda Livonian Order Castle and Turaida Castle, which included renovated railway station with Tourism information centre and first Info terminal of the Via Hanseatica project. Tour was guided by the Director of the Sigulda Tourism Development Agency, Ms Laura Konstante and guide Irma Grosberga.

3. Project “Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising”

Project Manager Ms Meldra Langenfelde organized the visit very efficiently, since Pauguri Forest school was reachable only by taking a good walk into the Ligatne Nature Park. First station of senses out of six planned within this project, allowed to feel different natural surfaces under bare feet of participants. Two nature education games were played and functioning of the school was introduced.