BE GOOD AT SPORT: young sportsmen from Latvia, Estonia and Russia met on the floorball ground for competition and friendship
International sport competition in floorball was held on 25 March in Valka, Latvia, within the framework of project „Be good at sport through three countries”, of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme.

Teams from Valka Municipality (Latvia), Valga Town (Estonia) and Municipal formation “Novodevyatkinskoe selskoe poselenie” (Russia) participated in the competition.

It was the first round of tournament, in which Valka team won the first place, Valga team took the 2nd place and Novodevyatkino - the 3rd. Second round of the tournament will take place on 1 June, 2014, in Novoedevyatkino, where total evaluation will be established and a cup of tournament will be awarded.

To make this international tournament possible, the project „Be good at sport” had introduced the new game to the team from Novodevyatkino and organized trainings, as well training in Valka, Latvia, with involvement of Latvian experts. The material and technical base of floorball and other sports was also improved within the frame of the project - floorball, volleyball and football equipment and uniforms were acquired.




Photos provided by the Project