CBA: Young athletes from Latvia, Estonia and Russia competed in international competitions

Similar competitions were organized in both partnertowns of the project – on 18-19 September in Smiltene, Latvia and on 2-3 October in Porhov, Russia and young athletes from Smiltene County (Latvia), Valga County (Estonia) and Porhov Region (Pskov Oblast, Russia) competed in 4-fight, 4X100m relay, high jump and shot put in 3 age groups. Added value of organizing competions is exchange of experience and knowledge during events, possibility to learn about sport and cultural traditions of partnercountries, as well as increase public awareness and understanding about sport.

On 18 and 19 September in stadium of Smiltene and Smiltene Sports Centre international competition in ligth athletics took place. Competition was organized by Sports Depratment of Smiltene County together with Sport school for youth and children of Smiltene. Competition was organized in 3 age rgoups and first three places in each group were awarded.



On 2 and 3 October in stadium of Porhov (Pskov Region) second international competition in ligth athletics was organized by Sport school for youth and children of Porhov Region.  96 participants were competing in 3 age groups. 30 participants were from Smiltene.


Objective of the project is to encourage children and young people in sport activities, particularly in athletics, using cross-border cooperation between Latvia and Russia as a healthy sport competition promoter, thereby contributing to the expansion of active life opportunities for the young generation. As well to develop longterm cooperation among sports schools of Smiltene and Prohov Region.

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