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Common Peipsi: CBC contributes to the improvement of Lake Peipsi basin

In framework of the project there were constructed three boat harbours in Tartu, Mustvee and Räpina with 104 mooring places and one slip in Kallaste for ship reparation and maintenance works. 11 additional workplaces were created in project region in Estonia.



On the Russian side one wastewater treatment plant was constructed in Palkinsky area, three wastewater treatment plants were reconstructed in Pskov city, Pskovsky area and Gdov and wastewater treatment facilities were constructed in Pechorsky. These activities have decreased the total amount of pollutants discharged with the wastewater into the rivers of Gdovka, Pachkovka, Mnoga and Velikaya to the level that wastewater from 4 wastewater treatment facilities meets Russian standards for most of the pollutants.


The State Committee on nature management and protection of the environment of Pskov region (Russia) carried out the inspection to find out the current condition of wastewater treatment facilities in 17 municipalities in Lake Peipsi basin. Based on results of the inspection, the feasibility studies aimed at improvement of wastewater treatment plants were prepared for each of the municipality and recommendations for the special regional ecological programme "Pure water of the Pskov region 2012 -2017" concerning improvement of the wastewater treatment system of Lake Peipsi basin were compiled, estimates of required financial resources were drawn up and possible sources of its financing were defined.


By implementing above-mentioned activities, the project contributed to the improvement of the environmental situation of Lake Peipsi  and established preconditions for the development of water related tourism and increase in water related traffic. The project is expected to encourage entrepreneurship and development of the tourism related businesses (e.g. rent of watercrafts, accommodation, catering etc) thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of Lake Peipsi area.


Significant role in implementation of the cross-border cooperation project has played good and constructive relationships established between partners which create a good basis also for further cooperation and joint projects to achieve the set goals.

Total budget of the project was 9 474 009 EUR, programme co-financing 8 526 607 EUR (including Estonian State contribution).

Information prepared by project manager of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Estonia (Lead partner) Ms Helena Musthallik


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