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Cross-border co-operation improved the quality of education of children at social risk

During 19 months of the project lifetime wide range of joint activities took place.
Study trips between schools were attended by students as well by teachers and specialists. Several visits to SOS Children's Villages were organised in Põltsamaa, Tartu (Estonia), Pskov (Russia) and Valmiera (Latvia). During these meetings numerous cultural events were arranged and open lessons visited at schools. Different excursions and workshops for students and teachers offered for participants new knowledge and many positive emotions. For diversification of the learning environment various study tools, games and books were purchased in frame of the project. Different trainings, meetings have offered support to students, teachers, parents. 


On 26 November 2014 the international conference “Cooperation for Quality Education for Children at Social Risk” in White Hall of the History Museum of the University of Tartu, Estonia gathered all partners of trilateral CBC project “EDU no borders” as well as many other participants from Estonia, Latvia and Russia interested in actual educational issues.


The project activities helped to create equal opportunities for most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of children to help them to integrate into a community life and it will also contribute to their successful socialization in the future.


A Guide Book about good practices and experiences acquired through cross-border cooperation was published in four languages – Estonian, Russian, Latvian and English (50 pages, 300 copies). Books were distributed to schools participating in the project and in cooperation with International Association of SOS Children's Villages to educational institutions in Eastern and Central Europe.


Participants in the project obtained new friends, a lot of good experiences and unforgettable memories. Project activities and results are recorded in words and pictures on the website of the project: .


Partners participating in the project were Põltsamaa Co-Educational Gymnasium as a lead partner, Valmiera 5th Secondary School, Pskov Pedagogical Complex, Tartu Annelinna Gymnasium and children's villages in Pskov, Valmiera and Põltsamaa.

Total cost of the cross-border cooperation project „Cooperation for quality education for children at social risk“ (EDU no borders) was EUR 231 765,83, co-financing by Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross border cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument 2007-2013 was EUR 196 765,83. 

Information is prepared and photos provided by Ms Annika Kallasmaa, Project Manager


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