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ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC: Unique urban environment in the focus of attention

Local governments of all countries are increasingly interested in development of urban design and environment that is unique for every town and village. Thinking about the long-term vision of spatial development in the local government, the Project “Increasing traffic system's capability within EE-LV-RU international importance transport corridors” (ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC) continues to develop the guide and e-book "Innovative street space design solutions - Sustainable transport and public space development in the Estonian, Latvian and Russian border cities”.

Within the frame of this work representatives of the Project “ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC” met in Estonia to jointly explore Võru urban environment. Analyzes of the achievements, discussions about sustainable and environmentally friendly urban planning, definition of site-specific and unique advantages and real differences were on the Agenda.

Visitors could see that thoughtfully developed and effectively working road and information signs and indications create good orienteering possibilities in the city. Solution of 800 meters long promenade with various time spending activities is also a true success story.


After getting acquainted with Võru city, every participant acknowledged the importance of scrupulous urban planning, environmental development and necessity of thought-out street design:
Līga Ozoliņa, project manager and expert in public administration, stressed the ability of Lake Tamula to “live” within the city. To harmonize with it, people living by lake side have made transparent fences and left lakeside stones in the grassland. Võru can be proud of all this and share the experience with other “waterfront” cities.
Director of Latvian urban planning company “Grupa 93” Neils Balgalis felt that the visit and seminar combined powers of thinking people that gives reason to hope that local governments will not be afraid to experiment in search of new solutions and to spend for good design, which will definitely pay off. The seminar and catalog will be good driving force to make environment more attractive, safe and fascinating.
Inese Urbāne, landscape architect of Krāslava municipality observed, that thanks to this project, experts from different fields actively acquired new experiences and new ideas. This time, it was Võru, which is marked by a renewed Catherine promenade, a large landscaped recreation area at Lake Tamula and green urban environment. Similar was the case with the previous meeting in Krāslava when there was the exclusive opportunity to look at the hometown Krāslava with the eyes of guests, highlight interesting places and discuss ideas of further development.

Theoretical part of the seminar was held in Tartu after Võru sightseeing. The participants presented their observations and made Võru mental map, generated a variety of ideas, trying to find the unique in the city, different from other places.



Further on, Project manager of the ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC project Ilze Stabulniece informed about the implementation of the project till the present moment and marked what should be done in the last five months, until the end of the project.

Rein Haak, The head of communal services department, Tartu City Council, introduced the participants with achievements of the project in improving road safety in Tartu.

The seminar targeted for the project team members from 12 cities in three countries showed examples of importance of street design and establishing the identity of a city for its recognition and promotion. Next Street Design Seminar will be held in Pechory in February, 2014.

Photos are provided by the Project "ESTLATRUS TRAFFIC".
More information about the Project can be found in the PORTFOLIO.

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