European Commission issues the Note regarding the Rule of Origin for project beneficiaries and partners of the Member States
With the reference to requirements of the Rule of Origin, PRAG, applied to procurement procedures, the European Commission granted the derogation from the above mentioned Rule to those project beneficiaries and partners, who are public bodies of the Member States.

They can use their national legislation to carry out procurement procedures, provided that:
- the national rules in question do not restrict the conditions of eligibility and origin as defined in Article 21.1 of the ENPI Regulation [Regulation (EC) No 1638/2006];
- the project in question is co-financed by a public body from a Member State. Evidence of this is to be submitted by the JMA to the Commission upon request.

The European Commission is currently elaborating the Explanatory Note, which will be issued shortly. As soon as it is available to the Programme, it will be forwarded to the projects.