European Union officials explore results of Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme in St. Petersburg

On 21-22 March 2016 the officials from the European Union services, Mr Michel Martino, the Coordinator for Cooperation Policy, European External Action Service (EEAS) and Mr Vadim Deleu, Service for Foreign Policy Instrument (FPI), Delegation of the European Union to Russia had paid a visit to St. Petersburg.

The delegation had a meeting with Association “Council of municipalities of the Leningrad Region” on 22 March 2016 to explore the final results of the project “Supporting the local self-government development to improve the quality of life in rural areas” (‘LSG Development’) within the Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme. Mr Svyatoslav Vasilievich Nechaev, 1st Secretary, and Ms Larisa Eduardovna Kamneva, referent, St.Petersburg representation of Ministry for Foreign Affairs RF, and Ms Ekaterina Alexandrovna Rudakova, Head of unit of the Committee for External relations of Leningrad region, had participated in the meeting.


Key outputs and results achieved by the project partners were presented by Ms Alexandra Afanasievna Bondar, Executive Director, and Ms Anna Nikolaevna Leontieva, Project manager, Association “Council of municipalities of the Leningrad Region”. The central element was the methodical basis for development of local self-government system with rural elders as the key actors developed for remote settlements of Leningrad region. It was mentioned that deliverables at Russian side of the project according to the assignment of the President of the Russian Federation were disseminated to all the regions of the Russian Federation as the best practice example. Cross-border cooperation between Russia and Latvia was enhanced by signing the Cooperation Agreements between 8 Latvian and 8 Russian municipalities.

General questions in relation to the future cooperation between the EU and Russia and new CBC programmes 2014-2020 preparation were also presented in brief. All participants expressed their satisfaction with success achieved and stressed strong hope for continuation of the cooperation in the future programmes.


Portfolio of the LSG Development project

Results of the LSG Development project