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FORGET A HURRY: final conference was held to present the vision about development of creative potential in cross-border cooperation

In May 2013 the municipalities of Vilani and Karsava from Latvia and the administration of city Shlisselburg from Russia started realization of common cross-border project with a purpose to promote cooperation in field of culture between people living in Latvia and Russia. 

In frame of the project different activities have been organised, united cultural information environment and cooperation networks in Vilani, Karsava and Shlisselburg municipalities were established for the benefit of people with artistic creativity, as well to achieve the closer cooperation between Latvian and Russian municipalities.

The conference was attended by more than 150 participants from Latvia and Russia, including representatives of partner municipalities, project staff, associated partners, experts and other interested parties. The conference activities took place in different institutions of Shlisselburg – in the library, school, school of art and culture and sports complex "Nevsky", offering diverse variety of activities like official presentations about the project, book and several art exhibitions, master classes about producing photo frames and puppets, literary readings, vocal-, instrumental- and dance performances by children from Vilani, Karsava and Shlisselburg.

The main aim of the conference was to introduce the results of the project to wider audience and present the vision of the writers and artists about development of creative potential in cross-border cooperation and to discuss further plans for collaboration in the field of literature and art. Participants of the conference were greeted by Mr Nikolay Homenko, Head of Shlisselburg City Administration (Russia), Ms Ekaterina Ivanova, Mayor of Vilani municipality (Latvia), Ms Inara Silicka, Mayor of Karsava municipality (Latvia) and Mr Vladimir Skorokhodov, Information manager of the Joint Technical Secretariat of Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme. Project Manager Ms Iveta Pizica (Vilani, Latvia) presented the results achieved in cross-border cooperation.



About the potential of literary development the presentations were given by experts of the sphere-  Ms Inga Strūberga, Member of Writers` Association of Vilani (Latvia) and Ms Elena Curkina, Director of Writer`s Association of Shlisselburg (Russia). Information on the usage of media resources in Shlisselburg library during the project implementation and future development prospects was presented by Ms Tatiana Melikova, Project Coordinator of Shlisselburg Administration (Russia). About involvement of youth of  Shlisselburg in the project was told by Ms Svetlana Chernenko, director of Shlisselburg 1 School (Russia). Director of Karsava Library (Latvia) reported on the international children's camps "Art knows no boundaries" process and the methodology used. Art events organised in frame of the project were introduced by associated partners – Ms Marina Timaševa, Director of Shlisselburg Art School (Russia) and Ms Maija Podnieka, teacher of Vilani Art School (Latvia).

Conference participants admitted that the contribution of the cross-border project to the cultural and public relations of small Latvian and Russian municipalities has been significant. Talented writers and artists from the border towns have come together, made new contacts, organised international competitions, issued poetry and illustration collection “FORGET A HURRY!” and organised international youth summer camp "Art knows no boundaries" in Karsava in frame of the cooperation. Project libraries of partner municipalities have been equipped with multimedia devices and investments to the culture centres made  - Vilani reading room with an open air amphitheatre and Karsava open air stage constructed, Shlisselburg library renovated.


Based on the positive experience in project implementation the cooperation agreement concluded between the administrations of Shlisselburg, Vilani and  Karsava municipalities in June 2013  in spheres of culture, education, tourism, sport, youth policy and mass information fields was discussed, and future cooperation prospects set. Leaders of 3 municipalities signed a letter of intent on the implementation of the joint action in year 2015.

The conference helped project partners to demonstrate the level of their cooperation and to elevate joint work to a new level. Partners have demonstrated that art does not have geographical borders and the project has given unique opportunity for thousands of people living in the border area to be part of creative collaboration. Important is the fact that joint cultural cooperation project is aimed to the future and will serve for future generations.  


Total cost of the project  „Shaping of Latvia-Russia border municipalities united cultural information place and cooperation network by means of literary artistic creative potential“ ( FORGET A HURRY) is EUR 200 000,00. Programme co-financing is EUR 171 000,00 EUR and project co-financing
EUR 29 000,00 EUR

Information is prepared by Iveta Pizica, project manager of Vilani Municipality

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