FORGET A HURRY: Local municipalities of Vilani and Karsava (Latvia), and Slisselburg (Russia) are shaping new blog for literature and art

“We literally trespass across borders” says Project Manager Iveta Piziča and introduces new blog for literature and art for creative personalities from Viļāni, Kārsava, Rīga Art School (Latvia) and Slisselburg town and its Art School (Russia).  Young poets and artists are given a platform, an opportunity to get published, and otherwise express creativity.

Blog was developed in framework of activities of the culture cross border project “Forget a Hurry”. Programme financing to the project is 171 000, 00 EUR.


On 19 June young litterateurs will meet in Kārsava and in Karsava park an open-air stage for cultural events, which will be used as an outdoor reading space, will be opened.
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Portfolio of the Project.