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FORGET A HURRY: New Open-Air Stage in Karsava hosts crossborder dancers and singers from Shlisselburg, Russia

Artists and writers from Latvia and Russia gathered in Karsava (Latvia) on 20 June 2014, to celebrate the opening of the open-air stage, which was built through the cross-border cooperation with the Town of Shlisselburg (Russia). The opening of the open-air stage was celebrated with a captivating show by artists from Karsava Municipality and Vilani Municipality (Latvia), and Shilsselburg Town (Russia), serving as a great example of cultural diversity in the cross-border region.


The audience had an opportunity to enjoy Latvian folk dances, songs in Latgalian, as well as dance, vocal, drama and acrobatic shows by performers from Shlisselburg.


An international meeting was the first event held on that day, where the participants of the Forget A Hurry project shared their thoughts on the accomplishments of the project, especially regarding one of the most important investment objects – the open-air stage in Karsava. The experience the participants from Karsava Municipality, Vilani Municipality and Shlisselburg gained while cooperating both locally and internationally was also highly appreciated.


In the Malnavas muiža park the guests from Vilani and Shlisselburg were introduced to the Latvian summer solstice, Jāņi, traditions.
Besides popularizing Latvian traditions on an international level, it was also a valuable experience for the guests from Russia in terms of inspiration for further artistic activities. A glimpse of the business environment of the municipality was gained during the visit to the static greenhouse "Mežvidu tomāti". During the international workshop the participants were engaged in poetry writing as well as in preparing content for the artistic webpage On their way back home the guests from Shlisselburg had an opportunity to visit the Castle of Light in Riga and had a tour around the old town – Vecriga.

The overall objective of the Forget A Hurry Project is to develop a united cultural information environment in Vilani, Karsava and Shlisselburg and collaboration network for the people from these areas to achieve stronger cooperation between border municipalities in Latvia and Russia.

Portfolio of the Project.

Information prepared by Iveta Piziča - Project Manager.

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