FOSTER SME: International Forum in St. Petersburg brings new business contacts

On 2 – 4 October the Project "Fostering Socio-economic Development and Encouraging Business in Border Areas" (FOSTER SME) took part in XVII International Forum "Russian Industrialist" in St. Petersburg, the biggest platform to exchange experience and share achievements of the industry in the North-East Russia.

The Project brought to the event the entrepreneurs from Pskov Region, Voru County and Vidzeme Region who could both take part in the exhibition and participate in the information session of the partners of the Project. During this info-session Project partners from Russia, Estonia and Latvia presented the work of the project and introduced the entrepreneurs of their respective territory, who in their turn used this possibility to make new business contacts.

The stand of the Project enjoyed big interest from the visitors of the exhibition and participants not only from the partner countries, but also from other countries - Germany, Japan and Finland.

Memorable moments of the Forum:





The photos are provided by the Project "FOSTER SME".
More information about the Project can be found in the PORTFOLIO.