Today is Friday, 2024.07.12

FOSTER SME: New business contact portal started for the benefit of entrepreneurs of three countries.

A new business contact portal  started its operation in October. The portal is a modern and innovative solution for entrepreneurs to briefly and meaningfully tell about themselves and their products in order to find and follow the activities of cooperation partners and use the advertisements in one place and free of charge

The portal has been developed in the framework of the cross-border cooperation project “Fostering of Socio-Economic Development and Encouraging Business in Border Areas ", in which the project managing partner is the Madona district municipality. The project involves the partners from Estonia (Viru County) and Russia (Pskov Region), so it will be possible to find the companies from all three countries in the portal, and it is available in four languages - Latvian, English, Russian and Estonian.

Target audience involves the entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, artisans and outworkers, local and government institutions, even students who are interested in entrepreneurship. The individuals can register as well in order to make comments, evaluate and discuss. Portal core is a business profile. In order to create the profile, the company should register by filling in a simple form, which requires contact information and company registration number.

Every entrepreneur has his own profile or platform in a virtual supermarket, where it is possible to work comfortably and easy – to place a brief description of the company and the industry, by which the company can be found on the interactive map and in the databases, the product or service list, which would be understandable for everyone; to create a calendar of events, which would be followed by other entrepreneurs and visitors; to publish own business contacts and easily find the other business contacts on the map. By adding news to the profile, the entrepreneur publishes it also on the main page. There is a possibility to create photo and video galleries, to use the advertising opportunities - the portal banner, which is free of charge until the end of the year. As innovation, there is the possibility offered to save one’s profile and to print it as the advertising material with design, which can be used for exhibitions and business deals.

The project overall objective is to foster economic and social integration in Latvia, Estonia and Russia border areas through intense cooperation of local and regional authorities of Vidzeme region, Vōru county and Pskov region for development of local SMEs opportunities and encouraging of the entrepreneurship.

Total budget of the project is 1 084 938,15 EUR with co-financing provided by the Programme in the amount of 949 974,46 EUR and project co-financing 134 963,69 EUR.

Project portfolio.

Full text of press release about the CBCLift portal launching.
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