GREEN PUBLIC HOUSES: Municipal centre in Misso and two municipal buildings in Strugi-Krasnye District have been reconstructed

By December 2014 reconstruction of Misso municipal centre (Estonia) and two municipal buildings in Strugi-Krasnye District (Pskov Region, Russia) by the GREEN PUBLIC HOUSES project that is funded in amount of 341.619,53 € by the Estonia – Latvia – Russia CBC Programme has been finished.


To introduce the results of the project “Development and promotion of using Green energy and energy saving principles in public houses” (GREEN PUBLIC HOUSES) and promote green public houses concept, final seminar was held in Misso Municipality (Estonia) on 5th of December 2014 and in Strugi-Krasnye (Pskov Region, Russia) on 6th of December 2014. Seminar was attended by both project partners, representatives of nearby municipalities and municipality associations, journalists from local newspapers and other persons who were interested in green public houses concept.

The project aim was to renovate public buildings, which are operating on high cost of heating every year, making them energy-efficient houses to promote using of green energy and renewable energy sources. Complex practical measures were implemented by the project in the partner municipalities to achieve energy savings and adopt the use of green energy through renovation of the buildings in Misso and Strugi-Krasnye.

During the seminar purpose, activities and results of the project were introduced, which was illustrated with booklets specially created for the project to promote green public houses. After the end of the seminars it was possible also to walk around in renovated buildings to see the results of the project with their own eyes.