HELPING TO LIVE: Closing action devoted to the World Remembrance Day
The Project “Reduction of social consequences of an HIV spread in Estonia and Leningrad Region of Russia" (Helping to live) finalized its activities with closing action devoted to World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims on 18 May.

In the year 2014 the slogan of this day is ‘Let’s keep the light on HIV’. In different countries and regions public organizations and just caring people gather and wear a red ribbon to commemorate AIDS victims.
Within the frame of the project MTU Evrika held a psychological group treatment for the people of the bordering territories, touched by the HIV problem.

The aim of the action is not only in keeping the memory of the victims. It is also necessary to help those who were touched by this problem to overcome its effects, to develop tolerance of society and to make everything possible for prevention of AIDS.