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HERITAGE GREEN - Regeneration of Parks of manor houses completed

Although in the implementation of the project there was no large investment work or installation of expensive equipment, the development process of project has brought invaluable experience, as well as strengthened cooperation and friendship between the Russian, Estonian and Latvian project partners.

Project partners from the State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Leningrad Region (Russia) appreciated the opportunity to improve relations in their own region and develop such important business contacts with Estonian and Latvian partners. Thanks to the activities of the project there is accomplished considerable research for the improvement and development of parks of the Suida museum and Rozhdestveno memorial estate, which also gave an additional incentive for the manor park restoration in the future. Big role in the promotion of museums and parks was contributed by active participation in international tourism exhibitions, but various experience exchange visits and seminars gave new and valuable knowledge and information.

For the Estonian partners from Räpina Municipality Government (Estonia) the main benefit went to local small businesses and craftsmen, who had the chance to distinguish and develop their products through the activities of the project. Intangible results got mainly Räpina Centre of Creative Industries and Räpina Gardening School, as well as the project strengthened cooperation with neighbouring regions, highlighting the potential of manors and parks, and their successful involvement in tourism.


Lead partner of the project Green Heritage - Vidzeme Tourism Association representatives as main benefit acknowledge Green Heritage cultural route map in Russian, Estonian, Latvian and English languages with the first route that connects St. Petersburg, Pskov, Räpina, Gulbene and Riga highlighting national and regional identity, traditions and cultural offers. Within the project Green Heritage cultural tourism policy implementation plan of Vidzeme was developed. In preparation process research on more than one hundred cultural and historical parks were made and developed recommended activities to improve park owner, garden development planner and tourism professional cooperation and understanding potential of the park as a tourism resource, its management features and marketing in tourism sector, as well as to promote public interest to use them as a place for recreation and leisure time.


Gulbene Municipality Council (Latvia) as a project partner appreciates all the project activities, especially experience exchange visits, cultural events, work meetings, seminars, participation in international tourism exhibitions, as well as a Green Cultural Heritage route map. Within variety of cultural and educational activities technical design of the Red castle park gate restoration was developed. Thanks to the activities carried out during the project, Gulbene has become recognized not only in Estonia and Russia, but also more widely known here in Latvia - Vidzeme.

The project was launched to raise the question of the green cultural heritage development and its potential to strengthen the cooperation and experience exchange between professionals, to promote the restoration of the park and attract travellers. Also, during the project was carried out a number of experience exchange visits, various seminars, international tourism exhibitions in Latvia, Estonia and Russia, was prepared technical projects, welcomed tours of important journalists and tour operators, as well as Green Heritage offer was popularized in various events, encouraging others to get to know and enjoy it. Now when the project has ended anyone of the partners recognize that the project objectives have been achieved and the benefits have been truly invaluable.


Project Regeneration of Parks as an Integral Part of Historical Heritage - Heritage Green (ELRI - 404) was implemented within the Estonian-Latvian-Russian Cross Border Cooperation Programme. The Lead partner was Vidzeme Tourism Association (Latvia), but partners - Gulbene Municipality Council (Latvia), State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Leningrad Region (Russia) and Räpina Municipality Government (Estonia). Project co-financing amounted to Euro 267 384.60 and the total project budget was Euro 297 094.00.

Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 financially supports joint cross border development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilising its potential and beneficial location on the crossroads between the EU and Russian Federation. The Programme web-site is

Information prepared by Anna Kupče,
Project „Green Heritage” public relations specialist
Vidzeme Tourism Association Office manager
GSM: +371 20220072, E-mail:

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