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Implementation of Green Ideas in Latvia: Two Steps Forward

In August two Environmental Education Centres (hereafter –EECs) were opened in the framework of the project “People with Nature” within Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme

In the beginning of August, during the Ķemeri festival the EEC “Meža māja” was opened. It offers to the visitors of the Ķemeri National Park new opportunities for exploration of the nature`s treasures. At the introductory part of the opening event there was a seminar devoted to the role of the state institutions in exploration and forming an offer that contributes for sustainable development in the specially protected nature territories in Latvia.

(C) I. Vanaga

On 29 August, in Salacgrīva a new EEC “Ziemeļvidzeme” was opened for visitors. The opening was attended by Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Edmunds Sprūdžs, Director General of Nature Conservation Agency Sandra Bērziņa, Chairman of Salacgrīva County council Dagnis Straubergs, and participants of the forum of non-governmental organizations of Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. In their addresses to the participants of the event the honourable guests of the event stressed the importance of environmental protection and its first stage – “green” education.

(C) A. Soms
The signing of Salacgrīva County council Declaration of Green County between the county council and Nature Conservation Agency confirmed willingness to continue and expand mutual cooperation and implement new ideas. It was also confirmed by the signature of the Minister. The Green Declaration has been adopted in order to encourage and promote a healthy, economic, environmentally and human friendly sustainable lifestyle, and economic activity in Salacgrīva County, and to involve its residents and interest groups in the implementation of these ideas.

(C) A. Soms
The opening event of the EEC Ziemeļvidzeme also included a forum on Further Development of Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve – future trends for non-governmental organizations of the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. The participants represented various non-governmental organizations from both the Biosphere Reserve area, and beyond, as well as state and county government institutions; they discussed the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve and development priorities of North Vidzeme Region, and ideas for composing a new Reserve governance model.

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