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INFROM: Seminar for Target Groups in Latvian project area held in Riga, Latvia

On March 12-13, 2013 Riga Technical University (RTU), within the ELRI-184 project “Integrated Intelligent Platform for Monitoring the Cross-Border Natural-Technological Systems” (INFROM), in cooperation with the project partner St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS (SPIIRAS)and associated partners from Latvia and Russia, held a seminar for representatives of project target groups in Latvia.

  The purpose of the seminar was introducing Latvian scientists, representatives of local governments, public agencies, private businesses and educational institutions to information on the project, its intermediate results and possibilitiesof using project results in the Latvian economy.

  The first day of the seminar was organized on March 12, 2013 at the Avalon Hotel. It was attended by representatives of municipal agencies of Daugavpils, Aluksne, Gulbene, Jaunpiebalga, the Executive board of the Northern district of Riga city, the State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia, as well as various organizations from Ventspils and Riga.

The first results of modeling and forecasting of floods on the River Daugava near the city of Daugavpils, the possibility of monitoring the pollution of water bodies and possibility of forest sites monitoring in Vidzeme, as well as prediction of forest fires, were presented that day. It was followed by an active discussion on results of the work already achieved and on directions of further project implementation.

 On March 13, 2013 the seminar was continued in Madona. The main purpose of the second day was a meeting with experts from the municipalities of Madona, Gulbene, Aluksne, Lubana, Cesvaine and Jaunpiebalga. The project participants have presented current project results and identified possible collaboration areas.
Chairmen of Madona and Lubāna municipalitiestook part in the seminar. Chairman of the Madona municipality Andrejs Celapiters welcomed the participants and pointed out the importance of regional economy goals and objectives of the project.

A cooperation agreement in the framework of the project between RTU and Madona municipalitieswas signed. The prepared cooperation agreements between RTU and municipalitiesof Gulbene and Aluksne were passed for signing by the municipalities’ authorities.

Several presentations about features of integrated monitoring methods for different objects and results already obtained were made by the project partners.There was an active discussion, during which the project staff responded to numerous questions of local experts and discussed other possible objects of monitoring, in particular, the LubansLake and its surroundings.

Finally, the participants expressed deep interest in successful implementation of the project and using its results for the economy of the Vidzeme region.

Contact personof the Project:
INFROM Project Manager
Prof., Yuri A. Merkuryev
Riga Technical University
Phone: +371 29454253
Fax: +371 67089513

Memorable moments from the seminar in Riga and Madona:

Press release in Russian

Press release in Latvian

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