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LSG Development: Elders' initiative in Leningrad Region is supported by the Programme

On 3-4 October the second training seminar of the trainings series devoted to the issues of local self-government development was held by the Project «Supporting the local self-government development to improve the quality of life in rural areas» (LSG Development) in the pilot municipality of the project – Shugozero rural settlement (Leningrad Region, Russia). Attendants of the training were rural elders and their representatives.
The topic of the training “Self-employment in rural area through rural tourism: development of guest houses” was chosen on the basis of consultations with elders and representatives of the municipality’s Administration.

The Head of Shugozero municipality Mrs. Raisa Chekeyuk opened the training with a greeting to the participants and passed the word to Mr. Aleksandr Vorobiev, the Consultant of the Committee on local self-government, inter-ethnic and inter-religious affairs of the Leningrad region. Mr. Vorobiev informed participants about development priorities of the system of local self-government in Leningrad oblast and the legal framework of financial support to the community councils and the elders.

Mrs. Irina Popova, the honorary citizen of Shugozero municipality, presented unique information about the history and culture of Shugozero land, the famous guests of the settlement, legends and historical events, as well as the traditional crafts.

Mrs. Makrushich, the Chairman of the consumer society of social programs «Prisvirie» introduced the participants with the legal, organizational grounds of rural tourism as well as sanitary-hygienic requirements for accommodation and catering in guest houses. Mrs. Makrushich is not only qualified and competent specialist in the sphere of rural tourism development, but also a successful practitioner. She is the elder of the village Kezoruchei (Podporozhsky district) and individually develops the network of guest houses in her village. Due to established contacts with the tourist companies of Saint Petersburg the number of guests in guest houses in the village is constantly increasing. The example of efficient work of their colleagues encouraged the participants of the training: many of them asked questions, entered into discussions.

On the second day, all participants were invited to the Shogozero’s library, where the inhabitants of the settlement create an ethnographic exhibition, dedicated to the history, culture, traditions, famous villagers of Shugozero settlement and its surroundings. Materials of the exposition will form the basis of the Concept of rural tourism in the settlement. 

Memorable moments of the training seminar:



Photos are provided by the project "LSG Development"

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