Opening and Administrative check has been finalized for the 1st Call projects
During the 1st Call of the Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme all together 226 projects were received. The total requested Programme funding for all submitted projects in total is 191,320 million Euro. All together 841 organisations from all three countries are represented in the submitted projects.

By priorities the submitted projects have split quite equally – 34% of the projects are submitted for the 1st priority – socio-economic development, 29% of the projects are submitted for the 2nd priority – common challenges and 37% of the projects applied for the 3rd priority – people to people cooperation activities.

Currently all the submitted projects have undergone the administrative check and eligibility verification. Projects that have passed the administrative check and eligibility verification, further will proceed to the quality evaluation. The decision on grant awards for the selected projects is planned for end of June when the Programme Joint Monitoring Committee meeting will be held.

First Call for Proposals of the Programme was announced on 23 August and ended on 29 November 2010. The allocated funding for the 1st Call of the Programme is 23,648 million Euro.