People from Estonia, Latvia and Russia exchange knowledge and obtain new skills – results of three ‘people to people’ projects collected

Achievements and results of three ended projects, where cooperation in spheres of culture, art of photography and speech theraphy among people and institutions from Estonia, Latvia and Russia took place, are analysed and compiled. Art schools and amateur theaters from Valka and Gatchina through master classes and exchange visits aquired new international experience and exchanged best practice in culture project „Border light”. Disabled youngsters and young people at social risk from Vyborg, Pskov and Riga are educated in the art of photography within hobby education project „Photo Youth”. Speech therapists from Estonia and Russia are trained and educated within special education project „SPEECH” and now can provide better professional assistance to children and grown-ups. Results sheets are produced by Information Managers of the Joint Technical Secretariat.

RESULTS "BORDER LIGHT". Read more about Project.

RESULTS "PHOTO YOUTH". Read more about Project.

RESULTS "SPEECH". Read more about Project.