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PEOPLE WITH NATURE: The Nature Education Centres are popularized within the fair „School 2014”

From February 28 till March 2, the Nature Conservation Agency within the framework of the Project “Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” (People with nature) of Estonia-Latvia-Russia Сross-border Cooperation Programme, together with project partners, participated in the fair “School 2014” and presented the nature education possibilities in Latvia, as well as within partner territories – Estonia and Russia.

The International Education Fair “School 2014” is one of the most significant events of this kind in Latvia and each year almost 20 thousand visitors attend it. Already for the second year the stand of the nature education was in the exhibition. In the stand visitors could get the information on the Nature Education Centres (NECs) within the regions of Latvia, on offered nature education services in them, as well as on different nature education activities that have been implemented by project partners in Estonia and Russia.

By visiting the nature education stand, the exhibition’s visitors could get to know some of the activities offered by the NECs. In the stand also the lizard Hugo worked and invited both adults and children to assemble pictures displaying plant and animal species encountered in the swamp, visitors could brush up knowledge on species of trees, its buds, blossoms, leaves. With the help of digital microscope it was possible to see in magnification one of this year’s nature symbols - bay barnacle, count age-rings on different species of trees and get to know more different natural resources. The nature education stand was visited by teachers and young people, as well as families with children.



In the year 2013, within the framework of the Project “People with Nature”, six NECs have been opened within the specially protected natural areas in Latvia – “Meža māja” in Ķemeri National Park, “Ziemeļvidzeme” in Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, “Vecupītes” and “Pauguri” in Gauja National Park, as well as “Rāzna” and “Jaundome” in Rāzna National Park. Each of the NECs offers different possibilities of nature education for both adults and children, and introduces visitors with the natural diversity of the corresponding specially protected area. You can get to know the nature by participating in various research activities, visiting exhibitions and going for a walk along the nature paths and in many other different ways.

Further details of the activities offered by the NECs are available on the Nature Conservation Agency homepage, section”Nature Education:

The project “People with nature” is being implemented in the territory of Latvia, Estonia and Russian Federation, and its main objective is to raise the awareness of the society on sustainable development and integrated nature conservation in the project implementation area as well as raise capacity of nature conservation institutions to the project in the field of nature education. The project duration is 30 months – till 30 September 2014. The project is co-financed by the Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013. Total funding of the project is EUR 1 499 977, from which 90 % constituting EUR 1 349 979 is co-financed by Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme.

Contact person: Ilze Vanaga
Project communication specialist
Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, phone: +371 26332768
Project home page:

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