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PRESERVE NOT TO LOSE: Project partners attract more and more visitors and tourists to Cultural Heritage Centres of three countries.

With celebrations of the European Cooperation Day 2014 on September in Sangaste (South Estonia), Dedovichi (Pskov Region, Russia) and Balvi (Latgale Region, Latvia) during which official opening of permanent and digital expositions of intangible cultural heritage in newly reconstructed 19 premises of Sangaste castle, Balvi county Museum, and Dedovichi district central library took place and with the final staff meeting at the end of October 2014 the trilateral CBC project “To preserve not to lose it - safeguarding of cultural heritage” (Preserve not to lose) has been concluded.

Nevertheless the work in 19 reconstructed premises at final beneficiaries – Balvi county museum (Granary of the Balvi manor), Sangaste castle and Dedovichi district central library, which host the cultural heritage centres near the borders of Estonia, Latvia and Russia and display permanent and digital expositions of intangible cultural heritage, is just increasing due to expressed high interest of visitors.

“My previous concept about museum as institution has totally collapsed;” “This is a perfect place to bring and make interest in pupils to read Latvian writer Edvarts Virza poem „Straumēni”, here is everything reflected from farmhouse life and people.” – tell the visitors of Balvi Museum. The exposition is located in 5 rooms where unique modern design and the latest exhibition technologies joined to bring all artefacts which have been collected and kept in storage rooms to the visitors in attractive and interactive context of nowadays.


Traditional values of North Latgale, that include folklore, traditional singing and its collectors and performers, ethnography, crafts, craftsmanship and its carriers, private collections and materials about Balvi – all this has been digitalized and integrated in audio and visual materials ensuring viable project sustainability. Newly installed touch screens and interactive monitors are guiding visitors through history, and make the journey an unforgettable attraction. Company "Dd studio" designed and technologically equipped the exposition.

The Winter Garden in Sangaste Castle has been reconstructed and opened again after 70 years and gives now romantic atmosphere to the popular tourism object and historical heritage. Construction Company “Tõrva Elekter” performed the works.


The visitors of the Castle are greeted by Count Berg (called also Rye King) - the founder of Sangaste Castle from the painting on the wall of the big hall by winking eyes, magically changing poses and ties as well with different backgrounds. 3D rye field allowing you to touch and wave the grain as well as technology of making whisky from Sangaste rye are exposed in the Castle halls newly renovated by the CBC project. The historical manor phone in the hallway offers possibility to contact with other manors. Interactive and unique new expositions were prepared in co-operation with AHHAA Science Centre.

Capital works have been realized for Dedovichi District Central Library and beautiful small recreation park near the Cultural Heritage Centre by company Aljans-Stroi, now is attracting more youth and elderly.


In Dedovichi digitalised collection of old mansions, cemeteries, churches, which include Knjazhi Gorki Manor, done within the project confirm the presence of the famous Russian poet Pushkin in the region.

Locally and traditionally baked bread always attracts people. The travelling exhibition “From Rye to Bread” established within the project visited Estonia, Latvia and Russia border areas and presented 100 years old and todays’ tradition of growing rye and wheat, harvesting and baking bread all over project territory. The exhibition will continue its trip also after project implementation. During mass events in all 3 regions everybody could enjoy the taste of local home-baked bread. A specific variety of rye – Sangaste rye is preserved and used for the baking of rye bread in South Estonia.


2-days international mass events including international craftsmen trading markets were held. It was “Rye’s songs. Harvesting festivity” on 27-28 September, 2013 in Sangaste; “Nightingales jugging in Knjazhi Hills” on 23-24 May, 2014 in Dedovichi and “Grey stones stories’ days” on 22-23 August, 2014 in Balvi. As well 3 local seminars to learn how to start-up a small business on 25.09.2013, 18 Master classes on traditional crafts and arts and joint work „subotnjik” gathered local society and craftsmen. Master classes have been recorded and videos on traditional bread baking produced.

To ensure sustainability of the project “Preserve not to lose” results Cooperation Agreement among Sangaste Rural Municipality of the Republic of Estonia, Dedovichi District Administration of Pskov Region of the Russian Federation and Balvi Municipality of the Republic of Latvia on cooperation in the areas of economics, trade, culture and social policy was signed on 27 September, 2013. Coordinated Action Plan including marketing program on possible cooperation activities for craftsmen and masters of traditional skills is developed and delivered.

The project developed cooperation between local municipalities, representatives of different authorities, masters in local crafts and traditional skills, local inhabitants, children, youth of three countries Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

The Joint Management Authority of  Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme  ENPI 2007-2013 has contributed 855 000 Euro as Programme co-financing. Total budget of the project is 958 712,00 Euro.


Information is prepared by Ms. Sanita Putniņa Project Manager
Phone: +371 2831 6943
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