Programme invests into cross border Lake Peipsi area in Estonia and Russia

Grant Contract for 8, 3 million euro of ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme co-financing has been countersigned with the Estonian Ministry of the Interior in Tallinn (Estonia). Large Scale Project “Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi area” will substantially contribute to the environmental situation of the Lake Peipsi basin.

Specifically, project activities include core actions like construction of sewage network in Pechory area and construction of wastewater treatment plants in Pskov Region in Russian side and improvement and construction of harbors for watercrafts in Estonian side.

Total budget of the LSP is 8 362 897, 00 EUR and it includes 7 526 607, 30 ENPI, Russian and Estonian co-financing, as well 836 289, 70 EUR co-financing by partners. Co-financing from the State Budget of Estonia is 2 317 477, 00 EUR.

Project will be implemented altogether with 11 partners from Estonia and Russia. 4 Associated partners are also taking part.

Please read more in the Portfolio of the Project.