Programme supports green living standards in Estonia and Russia

In the first decade of June two Grant Contracts were signed within the 2nd Call for Proposals by the projects aiming to implement their activities under the Priority 2 – Common challenges.

Grant Contract for 410 400 Euro of the Programme co-financing was countersigned by the JMA of the Programme and Ljudmila Jantsenko, Vice Mayor in Mayors Duties of Kohtla-Järve Town (Estonia). Cross-border project “Eco-friendly disposal of hazardous medical waste in the cross-border region” is going to contribute to the fulfillment of the Programme Measure 2.1 – Joint actions aimed at protection of environment and natural resources.
The overall objective of the project is to decrease environmental risks in the cross-border region of North-West Russia and North-East Estonia by way of ensuring effective separation, neutralization and disposal of hazardous and infectious medical waste.
The Specific objectives:
- Collection of potentially infectious waste originating from hospitals and satellite medical institutions, e.g. private clinics, dental surgeries, centres of drug prevention, veterinary clinics, etc.;
- Establishment and start-up of economically effective non-earning sterilization centres in two hospitals, located on both sides of the trans-border region;
- Education and popularization of the need for separation of materials used by medical institutions to create an effective system of neutralization and disposal of medical waste.
Kohtla-Järve Town Government (Estonia)
- Ida-Viru Central Hospital (Estonia)
- Administration of Municipal Formation Slantsy Municipal District (Russia)
- Municipal public health institution Slantsy central regional hospital (Russia)
Total budget of the Project - 456 000 EUR

Grant Contract for 909 354,15 Euro of the Programme co-financing was countersigned by the JMA of the Programme and Eduard Rae, Vice-Mayor of Jovi Municipality (Estonia). Cross-border Project “Awareness Rising and Investments in Energy Efficiency: Jõhvi and Kingisepp” will work under the Programme Measure 2.3 – Improvement of energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the achievement of higher energy-efficiency in two neighbouring regions: Jõhvi and the whole county of Ida-Virumaa (Estonia) and the district of Kingisepp (Russia).
The Specific objectives:
- To rise people’s awareness on energy saving methods;
- To establish two sample objects (one in each country) as the best practices of renovation of an old typical Soviet kindergarten into a modern building with low energy consumption.
Jõhvi Municipality Government (Estonia)
Administration of Municipal Formation “Kingisepp Municipal District” (Russia)
Total budget of the Project - 1 010 393,50 EUR