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Project T&L increases labour market potential in border areas

Malnava College (Latvia) in good cooperation with Pskov Agrotechnical College (Russia) and Academic Park (Latvia) have sucessfully implemented joint cross – border cooperation project ELRII-285 “Improvement of higher vocational education in the field of transport and logistics” (T&L). The project implementation contributed to the project objective – to foster development of labour market potential within the field of transport and logistics in the bordering areas of Russia and Latvia and to create better employment prospects for youths. The project was focused on promotion of cooperation between the colleges and business associations, improvement of the existing vocational training programme based on current needs of the market and accessibility of the programme.

One of the main achievements of the project is improved Motor Vehicles vocational study programme in both – Latvian and Russian, including 5 study courses "Vehicle structure", "Vehicle maintenance and diagnostics", "Internal combustion engines", "Vehicle electrical systems and devices", "Automotive transport technical exploitation and repair" and in Russian - 4 study courses (modules) "Vehicle structure" (incl. electronics and electrical devices; vehicle structure; internal combustion engines), "Technical maintenance and diagnostics", "Vehicle repair", "Vehicle exploitation materials". It contains theoretical material, presentations, practical examples, tests etc, all available in paper and electronic version. Training materials are also available in English. The programme is supplemented with a new study module on Logistics.

3 study libraries of the partner institutions are supplemented with new books and training materials – in total 1155 books in transport, logistics, ICT, business etc. They are made available for free to students and teachers.


Special efforts were made to foster accessibility of the improved vocational training programme: 1 Distance learning tool was developed for the improved vocational training programme and 3 sets of distance learning equipment were obtained, including video conferencing system, PC; Cabling set; Projector, TV for training purpose as well as storage and management of distance learning facilities.

Malnava College supplemented Electrical testing lab with a set of testing equipment: loupe (1), multimeter (10), oscilloscope (5), power supply module (10), soldering station (1), conductor finder (1), digital microscope (1), engine tester (1), accumulator charging/starting   device (1), accumulator starting/restoring device (1), stroboscope (1), signal imitator (1), scanner (1), computer (1), and access to digital  Autodata 2014. Pskov Agrotechnical College supplemented its Auto lab with a set of equipment: multimeter (3), oscilloscope (2), power supply module (4), conductor finder (1), engine tester (1), accumulator charging/starting device (1), accumulator starting/restoring device (1), stroboscope (1), computer (4), and endoscope (1). This helped to improve quality and accessibility of the improved vocational training programme. The students and teachers are using these training facilities this study year for training transport specialists and auto mechanics.


The cooperation among the project partners and with business associations and professionals in the field of transport and logistics was strengthened by joint participation in a number of partnership and networking events, such as 2 Round table discussions, 2 informal networking events and especially – the Conference on Transport and Logistics, held in Malnava (Lavia) on 10 October 2014. More than 200 participants from Russia and Latvia took part in these events, sharing their experience and knowledge and thus contributing to better understanding of the current market needs of transport and logistics sector. Another important issue and very valuable experience is joint participation in 10 educational exhibitions in Programme area (8) and outside (2), involving international and regional exhibitions in Latvia (Riga, Rezekne, Daugavpils), Russia (Pskov), Belorus (Vitebsk), and Lithuania (Ukmerge). Project partners facilitated joint exhibition stand, joint space and joint vocational training offer. It should be mentioned, that teachers together with students worked at the stands, which is also valuable experience for young people. During the exhibitions, the staff of project partners provided 2356 direct consultations to potential students and exposed the vocational training opportunities via 5640 promotion items. Project partners elaborated and distributed 600 copies of information material on improved training offer – this material also contained “success stories” of young people and students, addressing young people and motivating them for taking up the   initiative to obtain vocational education, develop skills and knowledge, and start own business.


The academic staff of the colleges participated in 3 trainings on motor engineering, diagnostics, exploitation, logistics and distance learning, study visit to Frankfurt Automotive Fair in 2014, and brought back to their colleges information on latest developments and trends in transport and logistics. 37 certificates were awarded to the teachers on successful completion of the training.

It should be emphasized that the project served as a basis for developing long-term cooperation and operational network involving colleges, business associations and other educational establishments, active in the field of transport and logistics. So, within the Project 3 long-term cooperation agreements were signed on 10.10.2014 for joint initiatives thus proving the good cooperation developed during the Project:

(1) Long-term cooperation agreement between Pskov Agrotechnical College and Malnava College;
(2) Long-term cooperation agreement between Malnava College and Latvian National Association of Haulers;
(3) Long-term agreement between Malnava College and Latvian Transport Developement and Education Association.

Project ELRII-285 „Improvement of higher vocational education in the field of transport and logistics” (T&L) was implemented within the framework of Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013. On 07.06.2013. LR Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and Malnava College signed Grant Contract No.ESTLATRUS/1.1/ELRII-285/2012/27 on implementation of the Project. The total approved budget of the Project - 219 616,60 EUR. European Union and Russian Federation co-financed 90% of the Project. Malnava College as Lead partner (Beneficiary) implemented the Project in cooperation with partners Pskov Agrotechnical College (Russia) and Society „Academic Park” (Latvia). 


Additional information: Viktors Indričāns, Deputy Director of Malnava College, ELRII-285 Project Manager, +37128379272, e-mail:,

Information prepared by Inese Kursīte,

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