SVS ACTIVETOUR: First cooled ski track in Eastern Europe opened in Sigulda, Latvia

On Saturday, 30 November 2013 in Sigulda Sports and Active Leasure Centre (Latvia) first in Eastern Europe cooled ski track of 1,25 km was opened for cross-country skiing before the snow came to Latvia. Within the corss border activties of the Project „SVS Activetour” 570 600 EUR of ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme co-finacing were granted to build cooled track, service house and stadium round. Total budget of the whole project of cooled track reached 2 Million Euro.

Cooled cross-country ski track with the refrigerating system under the cover allows to maintain snow and begin corss-country ski season before winter starts, and as well maintain its functioning at all times in changing weather conditions.



The track will be used for skateboarding in the summer, Nordic walking and jogging – that is supported by wood mulch cover path along the paved road in whole length of the track.

As additional attraction and possibility in the center there is a 30 meter high tower for climbing activities. It includes more than 20 activities and giant swing with a 7-meter free fall and more than 150 meters of descent.

On 30 November the first skiing was performed by expectant mothers from the whole Latvia. Very useful presents were waiting each mother-to-be, they got either high comfort services for giving birth or exclusive Latvian wooden sleigh „Žube” for coming child.


Next media representatives were invited to test the special cross-country skis from „Fisher”. The winner received subscription for the skiing during the whole winter season. Finally, everybody could try out the new track and take part in speed racing.


Photos of the opening ceremony provided by the Project "SVS ACTIVETOUR";
Photos of the Project site by Vineta Snore

More information about the Project can be found in the PORTFOLIO.