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T&L: Rezekne, Daugavpils, Riga, Pskov, Vilani and Vitebsk meet the project exhibition marathon.

In order to promote quality professional education and cross-border cooperation of Latvia and Russia, Malnava College (Latvia), Pskov Agrotechnical College (Russia) and society “Academic Park” (Latvia) with joint educational offer and joint stand participated in 6 exhibitions in Latvia, Russia and Belarus - Rezekne, Daugavpils, Riga, Pskov, Vilani and Vitebsk. Spring and summer of 2014 was quite a marathon of exhibitions for the Project "Improvement of higher vocational education in the field of transport and logistics" (T & L).

The project strategic aim is to address potential students and employers to show the excellent possibilities to obtain 1-st level higher vocational education, proper and useful profession in such fields as vehicle transport, mechanics, auto electronics, logistics, business, financing - for the first, and to employ high-qualified staff having graduated from partner educational institutions – for the second.

Effectiveness of the project work is proved by the opinions of both project partners representing educational institutions of two countries and by representatives of business community.

Victors Indricans, Deputy Director for studies and research, Malnava College, Project Manager:
“In general we have to confirm that there was a great interest in our educational offer. It should be emphasized that some entrepreneurs have already spoken to us, offering both – ideas for training meeting the needs of labour market, and inviting students for internship and offering jobs. The admission for vehicle transport study program for the new study year has started in Malnava College, and it will show to what extend we have reached the goal.

In the new study year we will provide to our students in vehicle transport the following improved and updated study courses, satisfying the modern market requirements and latest technologies: “Vehicle structure”, “Vehicle maintenance and diagnostics”, “Internal combustion engines”, “Vehicle electrical equipment and electronics”, “Vehicle technical exploitation and repair” (study materials, visual aids, tests), training in vehicle electronics testing lab (digital microscope, stroboscope, signal imitator, oscilloscopes, multimeters, engine tester, power supply module, soldering station, conductor finder etc), library resources (new books and study materials in Latvian, Russian, English in electronics, transport, logistics, business, ICT etc). At the moment we are working on development of distance learning system, so the studies will be available in distance learning mode; we will start with vehicle transport study program, further on the system will be supplemented with other study programs. Distance learning equipment was obtained within the Project.

Along with improving the educational offer our academic staff improve their knowledge and competences: training in logistics, distance learning, other specific subjects will be held in August 2014. To my mind, our lecturers have gained a lot from experience exchange with academic staff of other universities, CEOs of transport and logistics companies, practitioners of the field and also from participation in the exhibitions. It should be stressed that all the mentioned above study courses are provided in Malnava College in Latvian, while in Pskov Agrotechnical College – similar subjects are in Russian. We make joint efforts to prepare the training material also in English”.

Yulia Tikhanova, Head of International Relations Department of Pskov Agrotechnical College, Project Manager:
"Partnership inspires us and generates new ideas. The Project goes far more beyond transport and logistics, the Project is about young people who now have better prospects for education and better opportunities for professional carrier. Human values are the same everywhere –in Malnava or Daugavpils, in Pskov. We are glad that during project implementation period we as educational establishment were able to prove ourselves and gained the status of college. Now we see new opportunities. We are satisfied with project benefits: improved training program, distance learning equipment, study books and materials. The teachers of Pskov college and Malnava college met within this project for the first time, and now such exchange visits are regular, everybody benefits from it. Joint participation at exhibitions in Latvia and Russia is useful for both colleges."

S.Baltace, Coordinator in Latgale Region for Latvian Employers’ Confederation, Board member of Rezekne Entrepreneurs Society, the main organizer of Regional exhibition “Education and Carrier 2014”:
“Each year the exhibition is different, because we go on with looking for more interesting and more attractive ways to address young people, stimulate them to think about their choice for future profession. This year we organized thematic meetings with representatives of various fields, held profession research activities, competitions. Why business society undertakes such an activity? This is contribution of business community to better future of young people, because employers need qualified and educated employees. Regardless of where and how far the young people go for training, Latgale entrepreneurs hope that the young people will come back to their native towns and settlements with the gained knowledge and experience.

We also highly appreciate vocational education programs offered by Malnava College; the joint stand drew special attention of visitors. The exhibition was attended by school students from Rezekne, young people from Aglona secondary school, Ludza town gymnasium, Ezernieki secondary school, Nautreni secondary school, Preili State gymnasium etc.”

Detailed report about the exhibitions participated by the project with many colourful photos and opinions and comments of the exhibitions’ participants and visitors prepared by the Project.
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