The 3rd Joint Monitoring Committee Meeting will be held on 16-17 December in Tallinn

The Joint Monitoring Committee 3rd Meeting will focus on the Programme progress within 2010. The planned activities for the Programme implementation in 2011 and nomination of the Project Selection Committee as well as progress on the large scale projects development will be discussed in the meeting. 

Draft Agenda of the Meeting

    1. Opening of the meeting, changes in the JMC membership (Information)

    2. Adoption of the Agenda (Decision)

    3. Status of Programme, implementation of the Work Plan 2010 and TA budget of 2010 (Information)

    4. Overview of the 1st Call for Proposals (Information)

    5. Nomination of the Project Selection Committee

    6. Annual Work Plan for 2011 (Decision)

    7. Information and visibility plan of the Programme for 2011 (Decision)

    8. Technical Assistance budget for 2011 (Decision)

    9. Procedure for identification, preparation and selection of the LSP (Decision), LSP ideas to be developed further into the Project Summaries

    10. Programme Changes (Decision)

    11. Other issues.

    12. Next meeting and closing of the meeting.

More information: the Programme Joint Technical Secretariat, phone: +371 6750 9520, e-mail: .