Objective & Priorities

Programme Objective

The overarching strategic objective of the Programme is to promote joint development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilising its potential and beneficial location in the cross roads between the EU and Russian Federation. The specific objective is to make the wider border area an attractive place for both its inhabitants and businesses through activities aimed at improving the living standards and investment climate.

Programme Priorities

Priority I: Socio-economic development
Priority is dedicated to strategic development of border region’s competitiveness through support to business and labour market development, improvements in communication networks and exploring region’s potential for tourism as well as maintaining efficient and safe borders.


Priority II: Common challenges
Priority aims at addressing common problems and initiating and continuing joint actions in the areas of common interest on both sides of the border.


Priority III: Promotion of people to people cooperation
Priority is focussing on small scale activities for improving the cooperation of the border region supporting wide range of activities to be performed by regional and local municipalities and various actors of the society, which have been identified as being of crucial importance to a more integrated region.