1st Call Projects

1. Project „Improving availability of medical information and counseling” (ESTONIA)

2. Project “Border light” (LATVIA)

3. Project “Reduction of social consequences of an HIV spread in Estonia and Leningradskaya oblast of Russia” (RUSSIA)

4. Project “Enjoy the best in Latvia, Estonia and Russia” (LATVIA)

5. Project "Advancing remote areas by development of cross-border VH tourism route on basis of local resources" (LATVIA)

6. Project "Unique Estonian-Russian fortress ensemble development as a single tourist product. Stage II" (ESTONIA)

7. Project „Development of Hereditary Cancer Prevention Measures in Pskov Region” (LATVIA)

8. Project "Tour de Latgale and Pskov” (LATVIA)

9. Project "Development of the centres for culture and creative industries in Räpina, Vilaka and Pechory” (ESTONIA)

10. Project „Creating access to the art of photography for young people with disabilities” (LATVIA)

11. Project „Development of historical riverside protection area in Narva/Estonia and Ivangorod/Russia - II stage” (ESTONIA)

12. Project „Baltic ICT Platform” (RUSSIA)

13. Project "Integrated Intelligent Platform for Monitoring the Cross-Border Natural-Technological Systems"(LATVIA)

14. Project "Exploring the history of narrow gauge railway" (ESTONIA)

15. Project "Cooperation in the theater and the music arts development” (LATVIA)

16. Project "Promotion of Healthy Life-style Organizing Sport events in Latgale and Pskov region" (LATVIA)

17. Project „Cross countries through football” (ESTONIA)

18. Project “Increasing traffic system’s capability within EE-LV-RU international importance transport corridors” (LATVIA)

19. Project “Establishment of Environment in Võru (EE), Sigulda (LV), St.Petersburg (RU) for development of tourism” (LATVIA)

20. Project “Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness rising” (LATVIA)

21. Project “Water management Project of Peipsi, Pihkva, Lämmijärve, Saadjärve and Veskijärve Lakes” (ESTONIA)

22. Project „Cross Border E-archive” (LATVIA)

23. Project “Exchange of cross-border experience to enhance the quality of special education” (ESTONIA)

24. Project „ARCHAEOLOGY, AUTHORITY & COMMUNITY: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage“ (ESTONIA)

25.  The Project “Tartu, Rēzekne, Pskov: Green Management for Urban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals” (RUSSIA)