Grant contract for 1 461 985,00 euro of the Programme co-financing countersigned by the JMA of the Programme and Non-Commercial Partnership North-West Funding Service Centre (Russia)

Non-Commercial Partnership North-West Funding Service Centre (Russia) together with partners from Russia, Estonia and Latvia - European-Russian InnoPartnership (Russia); St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Science (Russia); Latvian IT Cluster (Latvia); NGO ICT Demo Center (Estonia); Tartu Science Park (Estonia) – all together will realize cross-border Information and Communication Technologies development  project „Baltic ICT Platform” under the Priority 1 – Socio economic development, Measure 1.2 – Transport, logistics and communication solutions. Total budget of the project is 1 625 080, 00 euro.

The Project will be mainly focusing on setting up the efficient cooperation between professional bodies in order to transfer the experience on ICT tools for eGovernance services and set up the sustainable basis for ICT tools exchange, development of new services in cross-border area both for citizens and businesses.

Brief information you can find in the PORTFOLIO of the Project